Sketch Commissions Are Open!

2017-02-12 10:24:16 by IlustretsSpoks

Hello everyone, I'm sorry to have disappeared for so long, I did not have a PC until recently (buy a new one: D) so I could only post on tumblr from my cell phone (?)

It has been a long time since my commissions are closed xD I would like to open them to 100% but the university is not leaving me much time haha so for now there will only be sketches [:)]  (Regular commissions will open in March!)

Sketch commission info 2 by IlustretsSpoks

Note: being sketches, will not be submitted to the correction phase, so you must be precise with what is requested and if possible send me references of the characters and pose (all that can send it to my mail)

Any questions you may have can write to my email:


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