Special commissions (Closed)

2017-07-23 18:26:26 by IlustretsSpoks

Update: Already all slots have been taken, thank you very much for your support!


Please read all rules before commisioning: Commission Info

Limited slots!

Hello everyone, I wanted to inform you that this morning I received my third strike on tumblr (for posting Pokemon stuff) so the account was suspended :(

If they followed me also there, I created a new account: https://ilustretsspoks.tumblr.com/

I would be very grateful if you decide to accompany me again in this "new adventure"

I am also grateful for the growth I have had on this page (despite not being very active with publications) you are the best! :D

Hello everyone, I'm sorry to have disappeared for so long, I did not have a PC until recently (buy a new one: D) so I could only post on tumblr from my cell phone (?)

It has been a long time since my commissions are closed xD I would like to open them to 100% but the university is not leaving me much time haha so for now there will only be sketches [:)]  (Regular commissions will open in March!)

Sketch commission info 2 by IlustretsSpoks

Note: being sketches, will not be submitted to the correction phase, so you must be precise with what is requested and if possible send me references of the characters and pose (all that can send it to my mail)

Any questions you may have can write to my email: Ilustrets.spoks21@gmail.com

Commissions are closed (until December)

2016-08-17 23:44:47 by IlustretsSpoks


Hello everyone, I wanted to give a neater idea of my commissions, in advance thanks for reading!

Method of payment: Payment is made through PayPal in USD, payment is made in advance unless the price is $ 60 or higher, then I accept that some advance is paid and another at the end (I understand that not They want to risk that amount when ordering for the first time haha)

Contact Method: Can you send me a private message or write to my email (ilustrets.spoks21@gmail.com) if you have any questions do not fear write me, the I will resolve without compromise.

Commission process:
1-First you must contact me by the above means, explaining how detailed as possible what you want, and provide references to the character (or characters) in question and if you like any reference pose or sexual position to your liking (of not send any reference pose, I take the liberty to do it as best I seem).

2-After agreeing the terms of the commission, you must send payment to my paypal account (which I will provide after reaching agreement)

3-Upon receipt of payment, shall begin as soon as possible with the process of sketches, which can order corrections (up to 2 corrections, after that will be charged for any additional changes you want to make the illustration).

4-after the sketch is approved we started with the illustration, depending on what is requested can take more or less time (which shall specify when that Plantées your idea) if desired, periodically send progress of the commission ( opposite way if you want to keep the surprise it will send the final version when finished).

Frequently Asked Questions:

-Cost Per additional characte-
Prices for additional character depend on the type of commission is chosen:
* Sketch: $ 4 for each additional character.
* Cell-Shading: $ 10 for each additional character.
* Soft-Shading: $ 16 for each additional character.
In all additional characters maximum is 4 (for a total of 5 characters in the illustration)

-Things that do not- (please do not insist)
* Gore
* Vore
* Fecal waste, vomiting or similar
* Children (single drawing adult versions of minor characters, the only exception is that the character is of age despite having a childish look)
* Yaoi (I have no problems with it, just not'm good draw men, although depending on the type of request could yield)

-Alternate Versions-
Those who have visited my gallery that will offer alternate versions of the same illustration, using a system of "packs" which is as follows:

* Stripties Pack: In this package I offer undressing the character (or characters) slowly.
For 2 illustrations would be an additional $ 10 and 3 would be an additional $ 15. Here I leave an example: http://ilustrets-spoks21.tumblr.com/post/143291232181/commission-finished-i-really-enjoy-when-i-ask 


* Sexual Pack: In this package I offer to show the whole sexual process (preparation / penetration / ejaculation).
For 2 illustrations (penetration and ejaculation would only) would be an additional $ 10 and for 3 (all mentioned at the beginning) would be an additional $ 15. Here I leave an example: http://ilustrets-spoks21.tumblr.com/post/144898600051/commission-freshly-baked-galko-from-oshiete


* Transformation Pack: In this package I offer the alteration of the character (or characters) without changing its pose (good examples would be: Transformation futanari / a succubus / inflation breasts or penises ass / hair growth / etc.).
For 2 illustrations would be an additional $ 10 and 3 would be an additional $ 15. Here I leave an example: http://ilustrets-spoks21.tumblr.com/post/147273147311/oc-commission-revenge-of-the-succubus-this

* Outfit Pack: in this package I offer to dress the character (or characters) with different outfits (whether canonical versions or fetishes swimsuit / maid / etc.)

For 2 illustrations would be an additional $ 10 and 3 would be an additional $ 15. Here I leave an example: http://ilustrets-spoks21.tumblr.com/post/149102188611/commission-zoe-aves-black-cuervo-time-had-not


-Each package is provided separately to combine more than one package to take into account the price of both.

-To change the pose of the character he will be charged depending on how complicated it is.

The unicolor or Halftones will be completely free, here I leave a couple of examples:
However, if the funds are somewhat more specific they started with a base price of $ 10, which will increase progressively depending on how detailed or complicated background.